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Timeless, yet down-to-earth and practical, Breema® provides a
distinctive approach to the body-mind connection, helping to nurture vitality,
non-judgment, aliveness, presence, and well-being

Breema is about self-transformation. Using a simple, natural form
of touch and body movement, Breema’s unique individual and
partner exercises catalyze ongoing and revolutionary changes in
your relationship to yourself, your life, and other people.

Breema’s philosophy and principles can be applied in every area of
one’s professional and personal life and support a more harmonious
relationship with yourself and others.

Instructor: Birthe Kaarsholm & Iris Lenz

Time: 10:00-13:00

Price: 35€

Information and registration:

Iris Lenz: info@irislenz@movement.de
+49 (0) 177-5538533

Birthe Kaarsholm: birthek@breema.com

FREI-DAY MEDITATION every 1th Friday in the Month


It has been some time after the first Frei-day Meditation..and we have missed it.

Friday seems always like a special day.
It is the symbolic end of the week’s routine, it is an opportunity for self-focus, it is a day for fun.
Come as you are -after work or before your date, to spend some time together, to breath, to relax and to meditate before we enter the “weekend freedom”.

The session is a guided meditation based on the seven energy points-known as chakras and their emotional background.
It is a call to an inside journey through archetypal human emotions and feelings, thoughts and memories, actions and reactions.
It is a casual invitation to a conscious breath and a moment with our playful-self. Because after all, it is Friday night.

Frei-day Meditation will take place every 1st Friday of the month starting on 2. March with #2.

Next dates :
Frei-day Meditation #3 – 6. April 2018
Frei-day Meditation #4 – 4. May 2018
Frei-day Meditation #5 – 1. June 2018

The session is open to everyone and based on donation by will for the expenses of the studio.

For further infos please per email: healingisaperformance@gmail.com
website: www.healingisaperformance.com
fbpage: Art & Healing
Instagram: healing.is.a.performance


Sadhana in Berlin Kreuzberg

„Am Morgen zum Sadhana aufzustehen ist ein ganz und gar eigennütziger Akt, für persönliche Stärke, für persönliche Intuition, für persönliche Reaktionsschnelligkeit, für Selbstdisziplin, und nicht zuletzt für das eigene vollkommene Wohlergehen.“ Yogi Bhajan

Nutze die frühen Stunden des Morgens und die Energie der Gruppe.
Du bist herzlich willkommen zum Sadhana samstags im Kreuzbergyoga.
5:30 bis 8 Uhr

Wir lesen das „Jabji Sahib“, machen eine Yoga-Übungsreihe und im Anschluss chanten wir eine Stunde die Mantren des Wassermannzeitalters.

Das Sadhana ist kostenlos und offen für alle & wir freuen uns über eine Spende für den Raum.

Das Sadhana findet (fast) jeden Samstag statt.
Um ganz sicher zu sein melde dich vorab bei Katja Deva Avtar Kaur unter koehler_katja@gmx.net