Akhanda Hatha Yoga

Akhanda Hatha Yoga

Thursdays 7:45 – 9:00 – Taught in English
This Yoga class is part of the Special Trial-Card-Offer

An Akhanda Hatha Yoga consists of a well balanced sequence. Move with breath through a wide variety of positions and flows covering all directional movements of the spinal column and using all body stations (standing, seated, crouching, balancing, inversion) Find a balance energetically between grounding, uplifting, centering and expansion. Learn breathing techniques and receive philosophy insights. The Akhanda Hatha Yoga class always ends in a long deep relaxation with a short meditation.

In a Akhanda Hatha Yoga class I cover all directional movements of the spinal column and all body stations (standing, seated, crouching, balancing, inversion) Finding a balance energetically between grounding, uplifting, centering, expanding and feeling a connection with the whole.

I noticed that a lot of people do their practice in the evening, but it is also very beneficial to make the effort to get up and set the time aside the time to start your day with your practice. As the sun rises, the world starts to awaken, the birds start to sing, the flowers start to open and so this is prime time for awakening yourself, for opening and recharging the energetic system and taking some time to check in with yourself. This morning class will energise and uplift you, prepping you for your day ahead.

Fee : 10,00 €

Address of our Yogastudio:
Lübbener Str. 9
10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg

Mobile : +447713508966
Mail : pommy.v@gmail.com

Teacher: Bhashini
Bhashini has lived for many seasons in ‘Anand Prakash Ashram’ in India studying, teaching and selflessly serving under the guidance of her Guru ‘Yogirishi Vishvaketu’ a renowned Yoga Master from the Himalayas. After a unquenchable thirst to know and understand herself deeply arised this lead her to studying deeper in to eastern philosophy, training courses in yoga and bodywork therapies and taking parts in intensive silent retreats. She has completed my 500HR yoga teacher training in Akhanda Yoga and completed a Yin Yoga TTC. Bhashini shares an authentic approach to yoga, drawing on all aspects of the vast yogic tradition. To stay open to all levels of practitioners she offers variations and modifications, verbal and hands on assists. Creating a sacred space that students feel safe and supported to explore their body. Facilitating an inner journey helping to raise a deeper awareness in their mental, emotional and energetic bodies. Bhashini’s teaching style is nurturing and poetic, and naturally playful sometimes.

“I think it is very important in our culture now a days to learn how to hold space for ourselves to really be able to listen and to process our experiences and our internal processes. We should take the time atleast once a day to come back to our true nature that is peaceful, blissful and fearless”

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