Post-natal and Core Wake-Up Yoga

Post-natal and Core Wake-Up Yoga

every Tuesday – 11:30-12.45

This yoga class is designed to reconnect you with your core post-partum (whether you gave birth recently or many years ago). We will start with gentle warm-up movements and targeted exercises which help your core to fire reflexively. We will then move into strength-building, always moving at the level of the people in the room. As part of the class you will learn about common alignment issues and compensation patterns (for example, holding your breath to lift something heavy rather than letting your core turn on to support you). Pre-crawling babies are welcome.

Tuesday – 11:30-12.45

drop-in = €12
5-class card = €55
Please contact me to ensure there is a place for you.

Lübbener Str. 9
10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg

Alice Patterson

Hi, I’m Alice. I teach yoga classes which draw on other disciplines, particularly Pilates and Body-Mind Centering®, and up-to-date exercise science. In class I take a gentle and progressive approach to building stability, balance and openness throughout the body and mind. My current focus is on supporting participants to reconnect with their reflexive core, to develop whole-body functional movement patterns, and to find a place of quiet aliveness in body and mind. Classes are informal and supportive, giving participants the opportunity to feel at home in their bodies and in themselves more broadly.

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