Prana Vinyasa Yoga

Prana Vinyasa Yoga

Every Tuesday - 17:30-19:00
This Yoga class is part of the Summer Yoga Special

The Yoga I’m teaching in this course is Parana-Vinyasa, which is a form of Hatha Yoga, the physical aspect of Yoga (the familiar branch of yoga as known today in the Western world)

Prana-Vinyasa is an eclectic Yoga practice combining elements from several other Yoga methods active these days. It is a Yoga flow sequence and includes some pauses for observation/meditation. The practice puts the focus on synchronizing the movement with the breath gradually to one harmonic flow and by that implementing the first meditation principle called – Dharna (concentration).

The lessons are currently open to all levels, beginners and advanced practitioners in yoga as well. You are invited to drop-in and to flow with a changing soundtrack in the background. Each lesson will be a bit different with a focus on some other yoga element, some will focus on meditation, all is a flow, all is Yoga – nothing else.

The practice will include sometimes different kinds of breathing exercises (pranayama), and often include different techniques of sitting meditation.

You are welcome to get to know your yogic “cave”, to be in the moment rather than to chase it, to accept who you are, rather than to pursue it.

In a world of constant noise and fast changes you are welcome to slow down for a while, take a moment of quiet for yourselves move your body and share some vibes.

From here we will let the “Yoga”, the experience, to speak for itself. In the studio, On the mat, At the moment. From here, as one Sanskrit saying goes : “Yoga eve Upadhyaya ” – Yoga itself is the teacher!


Time: Tuesday - 17:30-19:00 Uhr

drop in class – 12€
5 classes card – 55€, reduced 50€ (no time limitation)
10 classes card – 100€, reduced 90€ (no time limitation)

Address of our Yogastudio:
Lübbener Str. 9
10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg

Mobile: 0157-8190-8219
Website: Doron Noyman

About Yoga teacher - Doron Noyman
Doron is a seeker, a teacher, a writer and a traveler. After 19 years of traveling, and part time living, in India and the rest of Asia, he settled down in Berlin.
He writes and teaches the knowledge he studies & gathered from various teachers throughout those years of wandering spread over many countries, some from the mountains and some in yoga studios. It is strongly influenced and inspired by one of the most influential sages of our time, Ramana Maharshi (Tiruvannamalai).

Doron holds bachelor’s degree in Asia studies & a Master’s degree in philosophy from Tel-Aviv University. He started to teach Hatha Yoga in Rishikesh (India) in 2009 under the guidance of Yogi Sandeep, where he completed his 500hour TTC. He participated in several Vipassana courses, and teaches the basic principle of this meditation technique and other ones as well.

His main subject of research is ancient India. The India that was there thousand years ago and now exists in his mind. He is fascinated by the Yoga tradition on its many branches, and argues that it is the combination between the theory and the practices which makes Yoga so beneficial.

The Vinyasa flow Doron teaches is based on the Prana-Vinyasa he studied and practice for many years, from his teacher Ram Areuveni (Israel). He teaches as well Gyanna Yoga courses, that is the knowledge of Yoga that emerges from the ancient scriptures, which he studied from the Sanskrit scholars at the University of Tel-Aviv.

Doron believes that Yoga is a state of mind and in his teaching, he tries to bring this mindset to the minds of his students. His classes are fresh and diverse with the spirit of the classical yoga, as he experienced it in India.

In his own words, “Yoga is an Experience. Persistence practice in the art of yoga brings great transformations. Everyone with his own abilities and will, his own goals and aspirations. The responsibility to achieve whatever we aspire to, whatever we dream about, lie upon us to fulfill. Each and any one of us will bring his-Self, wherever one needs. It is in our hands to change whatever we want to change, within us, likewise in the world that surrounds us. We create ourselves, hence, we create the world.“

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