re:connect – your mind & body (Pilates)

re:connect – your mind & body (Pilates)

This calm but challenging Pilates flow will strengthen your mind-body-connection and deep core muscles with controlled movement and moments of mindfulness. This helps you find stability, mental clarity and improves your resilience. The class is suitable for all fitness levels and ideal for anyone who wants to gently yet effectively improve their strength, posture and body awareness. 

You can expect some uplifting and groovy House Music and Disco tunes in this class.

We move barefoot or on socks, so you won't need shoes. The class will be in English if needed.

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Teacher: Gina Tenner, Pilates Instructor & Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Founder RE:SET Berlin


Are you ready for your RE:SET?

At RE:SET, ravers like us find sacred spaces and moments of self-care that help us to to re:connect, re:cover, re:fuel and re:build after and before a proper night-out. In a club-like atmosphere and with good vibes and groovy electronic music on our ears we can clear our minds, improve strength, posture and our mind-body-connection, and thereby improve our mental and physical health. Come by and join us - we can’t wait to meet you! 💜

You’re not a raver? Of course, you’re welcome anyway. Our classes are the perfect portion of self-care for everyone who cares for their mind and body, and is looking for a special wellbeing experience. 

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