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About Bihter Kartheuser
I’ve studied social sciences and media studies. I’ve dropped my PhD thesis to follow my dream of working with the body. I’m glad that I’ve passed through that academic path, because I got my interdisciplinary approach from trying different studies, jobs and practices. Thus, I had chance to experience that everything is actually interconnected… Therefore, I can’t separate my academic studies from my self-realisation processes. Over the years I’ve been travelling and trying different sorts of self-awareness practices. During these years yoga has been a very amazing instrument for me to discover myself through discovering my body. I taught yoga in Turkey and Australia, now I’m settling in Berlin to share my experiences with you. Until life takes me to another country, I’ll be teaching yoga in English in Berlin Kreuzberg.
2012-Hatha Yoga Teacher Training-200h Yoga Alliance
2013-Advanced Teacher Training-150h Yoga Alliance
2014-Meditation Teacher Training-100h Yoga Alliance
2014-Yoga Kids Foundations-50h Yoga Kids International

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