Yoga Kurs
About Caro:
I am Caro, your holistic Health & Fitness Coach for a more active and balanced life.
Yoga means Union or connection. In our daily life we are often separated from ourselves. While running from A to B to getting things done, often we forget completely about listening to what our body, mind and soul are trying to tell us.
With a combination of flowing asanas, pranayama techniques and meditation tools, I will help you to improve your body awareness. In my classes I will teach you the right techniques to get control of your hectic mind and to bring you back to a more peaceful state of your life. 
We will create your space to become silent, to listen, to become grounded and to calm down together. 
I completed a 200 hrs Vinyasa / Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training in India and a 200 hrs Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher Training based on Anusara Yoga with Barbara Noh. In September  2021 I will completed as well a 50 hrs Yin Yoga Training. I am also a ThaiYoga Massage / ThaiVedic Bodywork Therapist trained on the principles on Ayurveda. Therefore I love to work with the 5 elements Ether, Wind, Fire, Water and Earth. 
Join my classes and learn how they are connected to your body and mind and how you can bring them back to balance with a regular yoga practice.
Carolin Hapke
Phone: +49 177 545 79 45