Healer training in Berlin Kreuzberg

Individual training as a healer.

The Training is an individual process that takes about one to one and a half years.
We meet about every six weeks for about three hours.

What awaits you in training:

  • You will receive initiations into the twelve Reikigrade depending on the individual maturation process and development steps of your constitution as well as initiations into additional symbols that will expand your skills and your perception.
  • You learn to consciously steer and control your world of perception and feeling.
  • First of all, you will go through a process of self-healing, Recognize your old, presumably unconscious belief structures, clarify, dissolve and heal them.
  • Connect you with your own potential and learn to deal with energies and to work.
  • You will experience, learn and practice expanding your perception of your surroundings, bringing them into balance and balancing them to a healthy degree.
  • If necessary, you will learn more about our Subtle Bodies, energy channels, meditations.
  • Karmic relationships can be recognized and resolved depending on the individual skills that are practiced and brought along.
  • You will learn to activate and strengthen your protective fields.
  • You learn to connect and work with other people and energies. You will get to know the relationships between universal laws, classify them and integrate them into your future actions.
  • You activate and connect with your own mediality.
  • The recognition of black magic forces is trained, practiced and reflected.
  • I will settle in completely on you and we will go deeper in one way or another as needed.
  • We can illuminate and discuss your personal questions in the status of your current biography … no matter whether professional or private …

I’m really looking forward to a trip with you!

Cost: € 3,500.

With an increased route or expanded program, additional costs may arise.
however, these are always first discussed and discussed together in advance.

Personal support and any Healing treatments that become necessary during the training are included.