Reiki initiations and training in Berlin Kreuzberg

Reiki - Energiearbeit in Berlin Kreuzberg

Reiki initiations and training in Berlin-Kreuzberg

The Reiki training is aimed at all people who feel the inner call to train and expand their skills and perceptions in the energetic field.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient natural healing method from Asia that conducts universal energy through the hands. This is our innate life energy, which can be “unlocked” again.
Reiki opens the heart and brings a state of peace and balance, which can be called healing.

What are Reiki initiations good for?

After many years of research by many healers, Reiki has emerged as one of the most effective and fastest methods of healing.
The initiations into different degrees of Reiki and rays of light (Archangel symbols) enable you to raise your own energy level and connect to the original energies.
I myself learned at the Atlantis Healing Practice and also refer to the methods and initiations developed by this Healing Convention, which also
work with the so-called Archangel Rays.

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Location of the Reiki-initiationg


Lübbener Str. 9
10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg